Painted Drums

Mark has developed a new line of painted drums over the last several years. Now he offers the same elkhide and maplewood drums, but with the drum head beautifully hand painted, to express your individuality. We offer a variety of special designs for you to enjoy on your Four Winds Elk Dreamer Hand Drums. The subjects of our chosen designs will help personalize your drum. Current designs are all Mark's visions.

Visit MarkStore to see or purchase painted drums! A part of the collection is shown here.
Mark's line of painted drums has evolved from a small collection into a wide range of designs size selections. From 24" to 18' are custom orders. 16", 14", (sometimes 12"), and 10" drums, painted and unpainted are stock items.

  • 24" Drums
  • 20" Drums
  • 18" Drums
  • 16" Drums
  • 14" Drums
  • 10" Drums
Inspired by tradition, the natural world, and clan animals, Mark's inspiration
is targeted and true so the right drums get the design they need and find their way to the right person.


We have begun to take custom orders on 14", 16" and larger drums. Request/design must be approved by Mark. The design must maintain respect for culture and integrity of the drum.

**Please realize that a customized design made at your request will require more time than our usual designs. A $50.00 fee may be added to the drum for the extra work and time that a design may require.**


Mark teaches drum making at weekend drum making workshops. He travels nationwide, and can come
to your location to hold a workshop. A host and location is required, plus a minimum number of participants.
Visit to learn more about hosting your own drum making instructional

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