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Traditional Native American Drums with a lifetime guarantee.

Native American Drum Maker Mark Barfoot has been making hand drums, powwow drums, and sweat lodge drums for over 44 years. He builds drums in the traditional way as they were made for centuries.

Hand drums express the centering calmness and connection with your spirit that underlies the Native American way of life. Their rhythms guide the stories from our story tellers. Feel their power and vibration in the very core of your spirit.

Authentic Drums take us back to an earlier time to reacquaint us with our ancient heritage. Mark's Four Winds Elk Dreamer Hand Drums have been sold at pow-wows and fine craft and art shows, and are played by many drum people, drum groups, in homes, at powwows, ceremonies, and many other events throughout Turtle Island (North America).

Patience and humility are native ways of life, and a prayerful part of drum making.

The powerful medicine that is built into a drum is a blessing to work with. "I am humbled by the opportunity to be a drum maker. The drums resonate with healing vibrations. They join with the vibration of your voice to give praise to our Creator.   Nya:weh "

Mark Barfoot and Bill Miller at Texas Indian Market 2011Bill Miller Testimonial
" I use Mark Barfoot's hand drums exclusively during performances, on my recordings... anytime I play a hand drum. They're the best.
I also create paintings and pen and ink drawings on Mark's drums . They are consistently of excellent quality with fine resonance." Bill is a three time Grammy Winner, a NAMA winner and a well-loved icon in the musical world. His songs are an inspiration worldwide.

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You can:

  • buy a beautiful Native American elkhide hand drum today online!

  • call and speak to Mark about the hand drum sweat lodge or powwow drum you need. 

  • select one of the hand painted drums we offer! Ask us about custom painting!

  • schedule a hand drum making workshop for you and your friends, learn more here!


Mark can teach you how to make your very own hand drum at a two day drum workshop.

Visit to learn more about having your own drum making instructional workshop!
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Testimonials for Mark's Hand Drums

"I own several of Mark's drums. Their handmade acoustic wood bands are gentle on the hides and resonate dependably. The drum heads are stretched evenly so I don't experience sags or ripples when high humidity strikes. I can count on their quality, and durability. Mark guarantees his work and I've never had to return a drum. I feel confident in purchasing them as gifts."          
Julienne Montour, Mohawk
Ogichida Kwe Singers-Detroit

"Your beautiful Drum" purchased in Denver - Testimonial
Hi Mark -I thought you might like to see where we've hung our new drum that we purchased from you Sunday at the Colorado Indian Market.  It's already up on our 'circle' wall at the foot of the stairs connecting our living room with bedrooms & kitchen upstairs.  We can give it a nice beat whenever we go past.  I know we're going to appreciate it's beautiful sounds for years to come.  Thank you.

Grant & Judy Armstrong               
Denver, Colorado

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