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Mark makes drums for you, then you find your way to them...

Display of painted drums at Denver Indian MarketMark's Grandfather taught him not to judge people's hearts or discriminate. You can call and speak with Mark about a drum. He will listen and respond with the drum you need.  Feel free to order online or for your custom drum needs, call Mark.

Our drums are GREEN!!
No trees are cut for the sole purpose of making drums.

Mark does not make drums from steer or cow hide. These

animals are not native to North America.


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Mark makes Native American hand drums, powwow drums, sweat lodge drums, shaman drums, custom stage drums, and glass topped table drums.

Most drums are made of elk hide and maplewood, laced with one piece of sinew and wrapped with deerskin. The back of the drum is made in a traditional way to honor the four directions.
The beaters are made of hardwood and wool. Mark's drums have a depth and resonance that is not often found in smaller drums.
Drums are available in buffalo hide, also. Contact Mark for your special order needs.

Mark calls his drums Four Directions Elk Dreamer Drums, because of the elk hide medicine the drums carry that connect us to the spirits, and the way the drums are laced and tightened, to honor the Grandfathers.

Native American Hand Drum Workshops
Mark is an excellent teacher and teaches drum workshops at your location. He supplies drum kits to participants and gives personal instruction on how to make
the drum. During the workshop, he shares the history of the Native American Indian drum, and teaches about Indian culture. Native drum making is a tradition passed from our ancestors to those who keep it true and sacred. These drums
are used for personal drums, in drum circles, by people in drum groups, on stage by many celebrities, singers, by medicine
people and shamanic healers.

The drum is a deep and sacred part of American Indian culture. The beat of the drum is in sync with the heartbeat of mother earth. It is the healing rhythm that we hear when singing, dancing, or respectfully walking through this world. The round form of the drum represents the circle of life and the entire universe.


Keith Secola, Dennis Banks, Mark Barfoot and the late Floyd Red Crow Westerman play Mark's hand drums.
From left: Keith Secola, Dennis Banks, Mark Barfoot, and the late Floyd Red Crow Westerman playing Mark's hand drums and giving us a song! Such an awesome impromptu performance.
These drums have a big resonant sound, with great vibrations!

Mark has made drums for many native stars. Among those who play his drums are U2, Bill Miller, Keith Secola, Buffy Saint Marie, Eli Secody. Mark designed and made stage drums and hand drums for 'Spirit the Seventh Fire' a Peter Buffett music and dance production that traveled the country from Omaha to Philadelphia. He makes powwow drums, ceremonial drums, hand drums, and now has added a line of painted drums.

At right, Buffy Sainte Marie visits Mark's booth. She plays Mark's elkhide hand drums.
Buffy Sainte Marie and Mark Barfoot.

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