Join Mark in Kentucky for a weekend Drum Workshop!

2014 Kentucky Drum Workshop
October 24,25,26,
Goshen, KY, near Louisville.
Location: Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve
More info and
signup is HERE!

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Would you like to make your own elkhide hand drum? or would you enjoy hosting a drum making workshop
with Mark?
Make your own hand drum and beater, and get a free weather resistant bag.

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Mark Barfoot Powwow Drum with beater and blanket. 2013

RedBoys Singers Ceremony Powwow Drum made by Drum maker Mark Barfoot
Mark is not only a seasoned drum maker, he has also been making
flutes for over 40 years. Mark's flutes are hand made and have a
sweet sound that gets better with time. Visit MarkStore to purchase
a hand made flute of cedar or other fine native and exotic woods. 

The drums above are 14" elkhide drums. This photo can give you an idea of the many different aspects of elkhide. The two at right and left are the smooth side of skin and can be painted. The two at center are the inner side of hide and have such beautiful natural texture and colors.

ASK ABOUT CUSTOM PAINTED DRUMS!! If there is something specially  significant in your life, consider the image on an elkhide drum.            
Mark Barfoot and Bill Miller at Texas Indian Market 2011   
Mark's drums are played by many famous artists, among them Bill Miller (who has played and painted on Mark's drums. Bill also uses Mark's drums in all recordings when he plays a drum. Keith Secola, U2 , Buffy Sainte Marie, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, and many others.

Bill Miller, Keith Secola, U2 (Larry Mullen), Buffy Saint Marie and many others own and play Mark's hand drums. His hand drums have been sold in the National Museum for the American Indian (Smithsonian Institution) gift shops. Mark has travelled for many years all over the United States and Canada, and enjoys sharing hand drums, and his knowledge and experience with family, friends and customers.

Patience and humility are native ways of life, and a prayerful part of drum making. The powerful medicine that is built into a drum is a blessing to work with. "I am humbled by the opportunity to be a drum maker. The drums resonate with healing vibrations. They join with the vibration of your voice to give praise to our Creator.   Nya:weh "


"Would like to thank Mark Barfoot for the awesome hand drum he handcrafted, which we purchased at Sarasota Native American Indian Festival . Sounds great and Judy's super happy. We would love to take his drum making workshop."    -Ed Becka

"Love the drum I got from u at the pow wow in DE."   -Teresa Swinscoe...

"Thank you for what you do. I love the drum you made and can't wait to drum with it at drum circle. I enjoyed talking with you today. Thanks for the flute solo too!! :)"          -Donna Winslow Bialozor

"I can NOT say enough good things about Mark Barfoot and his work. I received my drum from him some years ago and it is played often. Still tight and only sounds better with time."        - Night Sky Watcher    

"Learning from Mark Barfoot and owning any of his hand made treasures is a Great Blessing."   -Sandra Snell